As you use the computer, it gets cluttered with many megabytes of junk files – temporary files, empty folders, duplicates, cookies. Junk has no practical value except that it takes up your disk space. If you want to remove junk, there’s no better tool than SBMAV Disk Cleaner.
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How to optimize the Windows registry

Today we will talk about system registry optimization. I will tell you what the registry optimization is, what the Windows registry is, what slows down the system, how it can be fixed.

Reg Organizer® – complete software removal

After you uninstall some programs, traces left by these programs during their installation and work remain in the system. Often these include all kinds of settings specified by the user or the program. If you are not going to use this program any more, you should remove them.

Clean Up Your Disk and Speed Up Your PC

Windows boots slower than usual? Sluggish application loading? No free space left on the disk? Clean up junk files from your hard disk and restore your PC to as-new operating condition! SBMAV Disk Cleaner locates and cleans up unnecessary files and junk bits of information, finds and deletes temporary files and folders, locates and removes duplicate documents, digital images, audio and video files. The unique MAVSQM™ technology learns your hard disk and performs subsequent scans and cleanups in just seconds.

How To Quickly Back Up the Windows Registry

To be able to restore the system registry and to avoid the reinstallation of the system in case of any unforeseen circumstances, you should back it up. You can use the following easy method to back it up.

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