Windows boots slower than usual? Sluggish application loading? No free space left on the disk? Clean up junk files from your hard disk and restore your PC to as-new operating condition! SBMAV Disk Cleaner locates and cleans up unnecessary files and junk bits of information, finds and deletes temporary files and folders, locates and removes duplicate documents, digital images, audio and video files. The unique MAVSQM™ technology learns your hard disk and performs subsequent scans and cleanups in just seconds.

Ever used Disk Cleanup wizard built into Windows? Designed to reduce the number of unnecessary files on the disk, Disk Cleanup Wizard promises to free up disk space and help the computer run faster. According to Microsoft, Disk Cleanup removes temporary files, empties the Recycle Bin, and removes a variety of system files and other items that are no longer used. But that’s about it! Microsoft Disk Cleanup wizard only scans specific folders on the disk, and removes certain pre-defined item at fixed locations. Unlike Microsoft Disk Cleanup, SBMAV Disk Cleaner scans the entire surface of the hard disk and finds redundant items such as duplicate pictures, documents, music and videos.

SBMAV Disk Cleaner cleans temporary files and folders, browser cache, logs, and many other items that are temporary by their nature – all in a completely automated way. Unlike Disk Cleanup wizard, SBMAV Disk Cleaner scans the whole disk to collect and erase junk files, not just a few pre-defined folders.

It is easy to reduce space consumed by duplicates by using SBMAV Disk Cleaner. Unlike other tools, it’ll never delete any system files even if there are plenty of copies in order to keep your system stable. Instead, SBMAV Disk Cleaner applies powerful algorithms to detect pictures, music, documents and audio files with identical content. Why keep several copies of the same file and waste precious disk space?

Speed up Windows load time by removing unnecessary programs from every auto-launch location supported by Windows. Did you know there’s more programs to load at startup than listed in the Windows Startup menu? SBMAV Disk Cleaner shows all the hidden programs that make your computer load slower and that keep your computer slower by occupying its memory. A Real Audio icon? Adobe Acrobat Speed Launch? There are many programs you can safely remove from launching with Windows without losing anything but gaining additional performance. Try SBMAV Disk Cleaner and witness how many programs actually start with Windows every time you boot your PC!

Ever doubted if that application you tried recently and didn’t like removed itself completely? Most applications you download and install leave lots of small traces when you think you removed them completely. SBMAV Disk Cleaner will help you get rid of those traces by cleaning up after them automatically. Free extra disk space and give your PC just another boost with this useful feature!

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