Reg Organizer® is a multifunctional registry and configuration file manager. It allows you to completely remove software, clean up and optimize the system registry, edit configuration files, fine-tune the operating system and use the built-in registry editor.

What does complete software removal mean?

After you uninstall some programs, traces left by these programs during their installation and work remain in the system. Often these include all kinds of settings specified by the user or the program. If you are not going to use this program any more, you should remove them.

You can never tell in advance which program leaves what in the registry and on your drives behind. Of course, it is possible to use all kinds of special registry and disk monitors to see what happens to them during the installation and work of a program. But most users find this method uninteresting and not particularly comfortable.

Simple and successful problem solution

Reg Organizer® allows you to monitor the system during the installation and takes all these problems upon itself. When you install some program with Reg Organizer®, the tool automatically creates a system snapshot that will reflect the system state before the software installation. Then it will install the program. Later, Reg Organizer® will make another system snapshot, already with the changes made by the installation software. Removing software with Reg Organizer® will allow you to remove all software traces that the installation software does not remove.

We have formulated some useful recommendations how to use the application removal feature. They will help you use the program as safely and effectively as possible. Here they are:

  • Before you start installing an application, make sure that you close all running applications, even antivirus software and firewalls, and disable all network connections. It will allow you to prevent elements that do not belong to the application being installed from getting into the system snapshot. Otherwise, it may have bad consequences on the work of the system after the application is removed.
  • Do not hurry to click “Next” in the Reg Organizer® wizard after the application is installed. Work with the application, configure it, save all its settings. It is necessary for the program to “take root” in the system. And only after that click “Next” in the wizard and make another system snapshot.
  • Do not hurry to exit the program after you make the second snapshot. Compare the snapshots to make sure that there are no elements from other software. It is impossible to unload everything from the system so there can be some activity from other software. If there are such elements in the comparison report, just remove them from it.
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