SBMAV Disk Cleaner 3.05: the final version is released.

What’s new in the last version:


– Compatible with Windows Vista.
– Absolutely new, clearer and more comfortable interface.
– A system of hints has been added to each feature. It allows new users to easily and quickly get used to the new interface and to using the program in general.

Searching for temporary files and folders

– A system of processing detected unnecessary information has been developed. Now the lists are generated much faster. And it is more convenient to work with them.
– A completely new smart quick scan system has been developed – MAVQSM™. It allows you to scan your disks about ten times faster than the standard procedure (but allows you to use it as well).

Search for duplicates

– The list of duplicates is now arranged as groups, which makes it still easier to work with it. All found files are divided into groups according to the specified search criteria. It makes working with the list several times easier.
– Selection in the list of files by the same parameters has been removed.
– Now it is possible to save duplicate lists and load them when you run the program later. It allows you to process the lists in several sessions without searching for duplicates each time.

[Download SBMAV Disk Cleaner 3.05]

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