Today the new version of SBMAV Disk Cleaner was released. Except some corrections and modernizations the mechanism of update checking was completely changed. If before at each launch SBMAV Disk Cleaner checked updates in the Internet and drew a dialogue window with the proposition to update (if there were any updates revealed) – now it became less intrusive.

The mechanism of update checking has become much better in use. Now the checking is done once a week. And there are no dialogue windows which may abstract users from the program. The signal about the new version appears in the upper right corner of the main window as a flashing button. As soon as there is the possibility to check for updates – one needs to click the button and the website of the program will be opened. On the opened page there will be information on the latest update and on how to download it. Also the manual mode of update checking is available in the menu of the program. There is the possibility of disabling the update checking in the settings of SBMAV Disk Cleaner.

SBMAV Disk Cleaner

Registered users of SBMAV Disk Cleaner may update their version without any additional payments and registrations; they simply need to install the new version over the previous one. If after the installation of the new version the program asks to register – please enter your registration data for activation.

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