Chemtable Software has released the new version 5.30 of the Reg Organizer utility – a tool for complex system service of the registry in Microsoft Windows OS family. The arsenal of the program contains a complete set of tools to work with the system registry. It includes ways for cleaning and optimizing the registry as well as tools to edit the registry and tune OS settings.

The new version of Reg Organizer received an improved registry editor which now includes a search and replace function. Also, in order to conduct a search, a user doesn’t have to open the search dialog now. Instead, he can simply type a query in the search box of the registry editor.

Besides registry editor changes, the new version of Reg Organizer obtained a handy auto update option. Updating the program became easier than ever before. Instead of multiple manipulations with each new version of the program, you simply need to click the “Update” button now, the program does the rest automatically.

The security also wasn’t left behind. The new version has updated exclusion lists and increased overall stability and security of the work.

Download Reg Organizer 5.30

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