The new version of SBMAV Disk Cleaner 3.30 containing a set of tools for removing unnecessary information from the computer has been released. The program includes tools for disk cleanup, duplicate search, software removal and other useful features.

SBMAV Disk Cleaner 3.30 is now easier to control because some control elements have been removed and the processes controlled by these elements have been automated. Besides, each features is controlled right where this feature is available, which makes the interface considerably less complicated. Due to this, it is now much more comfortable to control the program.

Functions themselves have also been modified. The Disk Cleanup feature now has an updated scanning module and a simple mechanism for working with the results (list). It increased the effectiveness of the program without reducing the scanning rate.

The Uninstall Software feature now has a completely new module for working with the software list. The list now has a tool for fast filtering by developers and a quick search. The search allows you to instantly find software by the characters you specify, which makes software removal much easier and quicker. For your convenience, the program can add a shortcut for starting the SBMAV Disk Cleaner 3.30 software removal feature to the Control Panel.

The tree analyzer now has an enhanced scanning module and easier controls. Now you can use the updated duplicate search to monitor and remove unnecessary copies of documents, audio and video files in an easier and more effective way.


Detailed list of changes


  • Completely revised controls. The “Advanced” and other areas with various links have been removed. The left panel now consists of only the list of functions and the “Menu” button. All items controlling the functions have been moved to the function tabs and they are controlled entirely from there.
  • The link for starting Reg Organizer is now available above the “Menu” button. It can be disabled (for registered users only) by opening the menu and selecting the “Link to Registry Cleanup” item. If Reg Organizer is not installed, you will be offered to download it first.

[Disk Cleanup]

  • The list of found items works now faster;
  • Now it is easier to add exceptions via the context menu of the list;
  • Now it is now possible to filter found items by types;
  • The scanning algorithm is now faster;
  • Now it is possible to use wildcards with paths (for example, “c:\my folder\*.txt”);
  • Now it is possible to add an item for starting the program to the context menu of the Windows Recycle Bin;

[Uninstall Software]

  • Quick search through the list of installed software is now available;
  • Groups of developers for filtering by their names have been added;
  • Now it is possible to reduce the list by hiding updates and various software;
  • The removal process has been simplified (the “Remove from the list” item has been removed, now the program automatically removes a program from the registry if the uninstallation software is not found);
  • Now it is possible to add the “Software Removal” icon to the Control Panel;
  • Now you can work with the software list faster;

[Search for Duplicates]

  • The scanning process is now faster;
  • Bugs have been fixed;
  • Now a new list of exceptions is available in the duplicate search settings;

[Tree Analyzer]

  • Optimized analysis;
  • Enhanced controls;
  • The “Refresh” button has been added to update the analysis results.
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