The new Reg Organizer® has been released.

What’s New

* Disk Cleanup mode:

  • Now you can clear temporary folders (the so-called “Clean folders”). All files, regardless of their types, will be deleted from the specified folders.
  • Faster disk scan.

* Manual Registry Cleanup mode:

  • An “IE Context Menu” tab has been added. It shows items from the Internet Explorer context menu. You can remove unnecessary items.
  • The algorithms of tabs showing the items on the New File and Open With… operating system menus have been more clearly defined and revised (in the previous version the content of these tabs could be somewhat different from the corresponding menus of the operating system).

* Improvements in the Registry Search and Replace mode:

  • The find and replace feature now supports Registry entry values of the REG_MULTI_SZ type (a multi-line string).
  • To make them more visual, coincidences in strings are highlighted in bold in the table with search results.
  • If you find and then replace matches, Reg Organizer shows the number of replaced matches. (Only the number of found matches was previously shown, and it could have been different from the number of replaced matches when Reg Organizer could not replace some matches.)

* Applications Uninstall mode:

  • A more visual representation of the application uninstall report is provided. Now both successfully completed stages of application removal and those that had errors are graphically highlighted.
  • The removing log file button was moved from the Application Uninstallation window to the toolbar of the Logged Applications tab.

* Registry Editing mode:

  • When opening keys from Favorites, they are automatically expanded.
  • When selecting a key from the drop-down list containing the previously displayed keys, the program automatically opens the selected key. (Previously it was only displayed in the key input field.)

* When quickly scrolling through the tables of data, the content does not flicker any more.

* Reg Organizer restores the width of all table columns in the main window.

* The documentation has been updated.

* Fixed bugs.

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