The program contains tools that will help to delete unnecessary data from your computer disks, review documents, photo and audio collections.

The software removal feature has been considerably modified in the new version. The feature now has two filters (quick search and filtering by manufacturers), new functions for reducing the list of installed software (hiding updates and the programs you select). So now the feature works many times faster, which takes it to an absolutely new level.

The disk cleanup feature now works with the list of unnecessary items much faster. The list can now be filtered by the item type. The menu is now simpler and more comfortable. The scanning algorithm has been also modified. The latter has acquired new capabilities and is now faster.

The duplicate search feature has been optimized. The disk is now scanned faster. The total analysis time has also reduced.

The disk analyzer is now simpler. Some control items have disappeared, everything they controlled is now automated. It is enough to select a folder and the program will analyze it and show the result in a table in a comprehensible form.

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