Two minor updates for SBMAV Disk Cleaner and Reg Organizer 5. In SBMAV Disk Cleaner (3.36 build 9290) several minor mistakes and language files were corrected, and a range of other changes was done. The update of the portative version was released; it includes all changes of the main one. Both versions are available for downloading on the official website.

SBMAV Disk Cleaner (3.36)

Download SBMAV Disk Cleaner

In the second beta-version Reg Organizer 5 some mistakes were corrected. In the automatic register clearing in some cases there was a mistake Invalid data type for “” and the “Stop” button did not work which allowed to abort the scanning. A minor fault of the manual mode of register clearing was corrected (group names were longer than the fields). The column width with groups now may be modified.

Reg Organizer 5 beta 2

Download Reg Organizer 5 beta 2

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