The free disk cleanup program SBMAV Disk Cleaner Lite has been updated. The new version has a new option named “Exit confirmation”. If you disable this option, the program will not ask you for confirmation when you exit the program. We received a lot of comments suggesting that we introduce this option. We have implemented it!

The scanning module has been tweaked a bit, now the program skips scanning temporary folders if these folders are located on disks that are not selected for scanning. In other words, the program now scans only the disks selected by the user.

Besides the things mentioned above, the search configuration has been tweaked a bit: new wildcardss and exceptions have been added.

SBMAV Disk Cleaner Lite Main Screen

It should also be mentioned that the new version of SBMAV Disk Cleaner is currently under development. The main efforts are aimed at making it easier to work with the list of files found during the disk cleanup. We will not tell you the details so far, just note that it will be a completely new and easy-to-use list with unbelievable performance rate. We will describe all changes in detail after we release the update. Stay in touch with the news.

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