SBMAV Disk CleanerAs you use the computer, it gets cluttered with many megabytes of junk files – temporary files, empty folders, duplicates, cookies. Junk has no practical value except that it takes up your disk space. If you want to remove junk, there’s no better tool than SBMAV Disk Cleaner.

SBMAV Disk Cleaner is a one-stop suite with over 6 tools to do a thorough cleanup. In just one click, you can find and remove the clogging junk out of Windows and applications, uninstall unnecessary programs, remove duplicate files, delete cookies, disable auto-loaders that slow down system startup and much more. The tools are delivered in a nice-looking interface, which requires no learning as it’s totally intuitive for beginners.

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Reg OrganizerComputers become obsolete within a year or two. When the computer performance goes down to a crawl, many users decide to upgrade or buy a new machine. However there is a more economical alternative to make your computer work fast – Reg Organizer®.

Reg Organizer® is the ultimate registry cleaner, compactor and defragger. It lets you do a lot of registry editing, cleaning and optimization to achieve the best computer performance. Unlike Windows’ registry editor, Reg Organizer® runs fast, takes up a minimum of resources and can search and replace the registry entries. The program can help you remove obsolete registry settings left by uninstall programs: incorrect paths, unused file extensions, broken shortcuts and other dead ends, defrag and compact the registry. You can edit entries manually or get your registry scanned for problems automatically and then select what you want to fix.

Reg Organizer® also has several useful extras for making your computer run faster – one is for scrubbing out junk from your hard disks, one for uninstalling software cleanly without leftovers, one for tweaking undocumented Windows settings for better performance. There are no fancy bells and whistles in the program – it’s just simple and easy to use like no other. Scrape the crud out of your registry and computer to get it running better than it does now!


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